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Our vision is to see indigenously led discipleship movements in every country and people group in the world. We focus primarily on helping catalyze discipleship movements while also raising up leaders who serve them. To that end, we are working with Biglife to see this vision fulfilled. Currently, I oversee the training resources and data management for Biglife. I am personally working (and helping others) to start discipleship movements in China, Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Ghana, Central America and various locations around the United States, including Northern Michigan where I live.

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Biglife empowers believers worldwide to reach and disciple their own people for Jesus, so that a disciple making movement (DMM) of God can grow and grow all over the world. We’ve seen these movements of God happen in places where it takes great faith to even be a Christian, let alone share your faith. It can happen anywhere.

All over Asia, Oceana, Africa, Europe and the Americas, Biglife finds the persons of peace and empowers them to share the Good News—where they live. As a Biglife Team Member and a part of an amazing global team, I invite you to join us on this journey!

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Join our prayer support team and receive field updates, invitations to special events and urgent prayer requests. Email me for a link to join our prayer support team!


If you are interested in becoming a “disciple who makes disciples” we provide interactive training to help you to reach and disciple the people around you! There is no cost to you. We can come to you, either virtually or in person, and work around your schedule. Our training is simple, appropriate for all ages and effective for all levels of discipleship experience.


Your financial support is instrumental in advancing the vision, mission and purpose of Biglife on a local, national and international level. When you donate through my giving page, your donation preference is noted for the regions where my team is working!

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